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Easter 2007

“He is not here! He is risen from the dead. Come and see
the place where they have laid Him.”

The tomb is still empty! As the cross is God’s answer to the sin dilemma, the resurrection is God’s answer of the hope of eternal life. We do not hope in vain. One day our faith will be sight—hope realized—we shall see Christ!

The skeptics try their best to discredit the medical evidence, the credible witness of many (unbelieving at first, yet the evidence being so overwhelming they confessed and preached the resurrected Christ), the credible record of the Gospels, the empty tomb and the remaining grave clothes, the missing body, the many verified appearances, the moral transformation of the disciples, and the change from Saturday Sabbath to Sunday. Paul, a hater and persecutor of Christians, saw and experienced the risen Christ. The Day of Pentecost experienced the fulfillment of Christ’s promise, after His resurrection, of the power to witness of Him!

If Christ did not rise from the dead, then we have no hope. We have been deceived—deluded—though maybe even with some pleasurable experiences. We would be most miserable, still in our sins, lost and perishing … doomed!

However, the Bible says that we are to “rejoice in hope … that hope will not disappoint us.” Christ’s resurrection is our guarantee that our sins have been forgiven. He is also our hope. He is our eternal reward—eternal life guaranteed by the resurrection. We have been “begotten again with a lively hope by the resurrection of Christ from the dead … and all those that sleep in Jesus will God bring with Him” in our own resurrection. Hallelujah!

Our salvation is not based on feelings or faith, but on fact. The certainty of the resurrection of Christ is verified by millions who have experienced forgiveness of sins and new life, attested by divine miracles and by radical transformations in personal lives, communities, and countries. The testimony is the same from all—a supernatural power has made the change in their lives a reality. Christ is still revealing Himself alive daily in our world today!


In perpetual celebration of the risen Christ,

Reuben & Carmen Sequeira
John 11:24-25