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Dear Friends & Co-laborers,

To God be glory both now and forever … Amen!

I wanted to write to you in a more personal way to share our present status and future plans, as we know them at this time. I believe that transparency with integrity is an essential element for any partnership in ministry.

The Lord has surely blessed us, at this time in history, with the privilege and joy to minister in the greater European Continent, including the former Soviet Union, Southern Asia, and the 10-40 Window. Both Carmen and I had talked about Europe for over 30 years, long before we met and were married. About 28 years ago, I received a prophecy in an unusual way, confirming and revealing the Mind of God for the future. This prophecy, and many others along the way, have proved to be true and accurate! So, we have followed the Shepherd and the Spirit with our fears, failures, faith, and faltering obedience. His grace has been sufficient!

Last year, I was in the Moscow train station when a strong “quickening” came to my spirit. One feels the wind coming through the tunnel before he sees the train coming. Well, both Carmen and I are feeling the Wind. We have not yet seen the “train.” What does it mean? Where will He lead? We both have a strong sense that God is preparing the future and that our “form” of ministry will change (not its essence) and the “geography” may change also. All we possess now in our spirit is the strong sense of the Wind. We do not have any private memos, conversations, invitations, or “backups.” We are waiting upon the Lord! We want to be Windblown during these last days of the Spirit’s outpouring! He is faithful!

For this reason, we are selling our household goods and preparing for whatever God has in mind for us. Our “backpack” will be lighter. We have signed on the dotted line. The sovereign Lord will write the “contract.”

We begin our first furlough, after 6 years, in the fall of this year. You have been so faithful. We know you will continue! If you desire to schedule a meeting, write, call, or fax us with possible dates. We will do what we can to serve you. Pray with us!

Fulfilled in knowing Him and making Him known,

Reuben & Carmen Sequeira
I Thessalonians 3:11-13