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Thanksgiving 1997

I begin this letter on my flight to the Fasting and Prayer Conference led by Dr. Bill Bright, Campus Crusade Founder/President. The purpose of this conference is to pray for our nation (not teach on prayer), leading with repentance and confession of sins, and to seek the face of God. Over 700 evangelical leaders and delegates will be present in Dallas, TX. There will be nearly 2,800 satellite hookups along with several television and radio stations broadcasting the event live. We are living in a new day of technological advances that stagger my mind. Surely, “knowledge shall increase” exponentially.

This has been a challenging yet exciting short term ministry assignment from the Lord for me. Serving with Reinhard Bonnke Ministries for the past 7 months as the National Prayer Coordinator for the “Beyond ’99—From Minus to Plus” Gospel blitz on Easter 1999 has been quite rewarding. We have come a long way since beginning in April! There have been many opportunities and obstacles. We have seen the Lord establish prayer commitments throughout the world with individuals, churches, and prayer networks. Global prayer partners are being made regularly! We give the Lord the praise. He is the ultimate Intercessor and Enabler of His Church to intercede!

Recently, in a Minister’s Institute Carmen and I attended, we were challenged by the Lord’s statement to Joshua to “follow the Ark.” This was God’s way of victory, provision, and blessing in crossing the Jordan in preparation for the assault on Jericho. I have ruminated on that truth before and I do now. The Ark speaks to me of God Himself in His Presence, Power, and Provision—God’s glory manifested in the character of His Name. His Word, forever settled and fixed in heaven AND earth, becomes the objective Standard by which we feast on Him and learn what Spirit-words he would say to us. It is the hot and passionate love pursuit of God for Himself alone in glad hosannas and the humility of hungry hearts to love and serve Him. It is to hear His voice for our response of faith and obedience, enabled by His Holy Spirit. The Kingdom of Heaven to earth through prayer and mission becomes its immediate goal. We hasten the Coming of the Lord for that great Reunion in the heavenlies! Worship and the glory of God is the final end of all missions! We have heaven on our mind. God and Christ is the Temple of it! “God, give us a vision of the Ark!” The danger is that we will be satisfied with spiritual tinsel, trinkets, and toys. We reject the hollowed expressions of putrefying flesh without the fear of God—the choreographed, manicured, and perfumed stench of worthless and fleshly worship, passionless preaching, and loose and unchanged lifestyles. “Give us the Reality … nothing less will satisfy.”

So often, we have looked at the priests carrying the Ark and tried to emulate “them” in their programs, methods, or writings. We have looked at the road the Ark was on through the experience of others, often trying to duplicate the environmental means in carrying the Glory. We have been excited with the walk and fleshly worship without ever being changed by that same Glory! “Lord, grant that we be not satisfied until we are satisfied with You alone” (Psalm 73:25, 62:1,2), without any manifestations that may or may not accompany such a beatific Vision of the “Wholly Other.”

As we approach this Thanksgiving Season, we are again reminded of the blessings of God upon our lives. We are humbled by His grace. Many of you, our faithful family and friends, have shared your love through praying, giving, and sharing your lives with us. We are blessed! Thank you!! We appreciate your continued prayer on our behalf. We need it! Know you are in our hearts and prayers also. Keep in touch!

Global Prayer Partners with the Harvest-Master,

Reuben & Carmen Sequeira
Hebrews 7:24-28